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  1. vÍKTOSr

    Man do you really have a funnyjunk account or is someone reposting your shit and claming credit?

    • Henky

      It’s-a me! Zantheo!

  2. This

  3. minikitkat

    don’t see down at the bottom it says visit my website

  4. V1t0m1n

    Good gravy sir, I know that we all have jobs and whatnot, but I haven’t been here in a month and I’ve found the amount of generated content in that span of time… not very much, with all due respect. Nothing personal, just trying to pry… I really enjoy your comics, when they do come out, and I just wish I could enjoy them more often. :/ (Yeah, I guess that’s just the slightest bit a complaint. :()

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