The Comic “Über Steffen” is about Steffen, an optimistic surrealist with a genius mind equal to mashed potatoes. Later serials in the comic are actually corresponding canonical to other strips, proving how silly the world the characters live in actaully is. Most of the lore and story is gathered in serials including Über Steffen’s arch nemesis Unter Karl, once a friend of Steffen until —-qasddx1SS4″%—ax5and Pepsi5s—-s5rift51&#1xk–archive corruptXXC5easter eggs5%%MwS2Kcolor-55skk51XjR—aK41 and since then they were basically rivals. Man, lore takes so much time to write… Good thing it’s all here now.


The Characters:



Über Steffen: The optimistic fool of a protagonist who tend to stay positive to the worst of situations. Or just clueless or something. Don’t ask me.


Unter Karl: The complete opposite of Steffen, a pessimistic villain with foul intentions to do evil stuff to things. Because, you know, evil. OooOooooOooh.


Jason: A friend of Steffen and is known for… wearing a hat. Yes.


Waldo: Waldo is Unter Karl’s servant and a creepy guy who always seem to be somewere around, watching. Little is known to why he never speaks, but some say it may be due to a vow of silence. Which he once in a while breaks because I don’t know.